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We take care of everything with our mat rental service


Choice of design (logo, colours, measurements and message). FelpudoRent assumes the manufacturing cost (initial investment = 0). 

For each mat requested we manufacture two so that the customer always has an active mat while the other is in our facilities for washing and maintenance.

Ciclo de servicio
Ciclo de servicio


We make sure that each mat enters the laundry in the correct time and condition.

We carry out a continuous quality control, removing and replacing each mat that does not meet the minimum conditions required.

Ciclo de servicio
Ciclo de servicio


Our logistics team replaces the dirty mats with clean ones according to each agreed frequency period. 

Changes can be made:

  • Every week
  • Every 2 weeks
  • Every 4 weeks
Ciclo de servicio

Our mats

Cleaning + Image + Safety


It combines brand image with a cleaner environment. Customised mats go beyond the imagination, with high quality logo designs, landscapes, patterns and photographs. It is the best alternative to personalize an entrance and welcome the customers in your business.


Combining nylon with textile microfibers, this mat produced with 100% Econyl material allows it to retain more water and dirt than a conventional mat, while looking elegant. Its manufacture and technology allows the yarns to stay up longer during use.


Produced specifically for high traffic areas and with greater resistance to commercial entrances, this mat contains additional properties capable of scraping and removing dirt or ice from the sole, thanks to its monofilament microfibre. It is the ideal choice for very dry places.


Known for its high performance and water retention, and at the same time it acts as a fat absorber, due to its cotton and polyester fibres. The cotton we work with has a 40% longer life than a conventional cotton.


The anti-fatigue product offers safety, comfort and protection in areas where people stand for long periods of time, such as hotel receptions, airports, service stands, places with access rows or even bars.


Developed for the best performance in kitchens, bars, refrigeration areas, or food production. Its patented design allows for ventilation while possessing anti-slip properties (sanitary permits).


FelpudoRent is a pioneering company in the cleaning service industry within the Spanish market, working with high quality products and specializing in providing a comprehensive service of high-end professional carpets/mats to cover different customer needs.

The main value of our company is in covering the whole cycle of manufacturing, delivery and maintenance of the product, to guarantee a better image and cleanliness of the customer’s point of sale. Our customers do not have to make any initial investment to acquire the product. FelpudoRent takes care of everything.

Our MISSION is to maintain the image and promote the cleanliness of the commercial spaces and establishments, reducing the level of dirt that enters through the shoes.

Our business idea is based on the VISION of offering a correct maintenance service of mats located in the main access and transit routes of people, through different specific products for each case. 

FelpudoRent’s core values:

  • Customer-First Orientation.
  • Respect & transparency.
  • Innovation & Ambition.
  • Quality & Service.
  • Ethics & environmental-friendly.


Felpudo personalizado con logo


Trust is the greatest value on which our relationship with the customer is based.

Every relationship is unique and we treat it in a special way. We constantly work to maintain and improve it.

What they say about us

Do you want to improve the image and cleanliness of your business?

Felpudo Logo Personalizado


Initial investment = 0

Reduction in the budget for cleaning.


Clean and pleasant floors.

Constant water and dirt retention.


Eliminates static electricity.

Certification for hygiene and safety.

Prevents slippery floors and accidents.


Better image and welcome to customers.

Continuous washing and drying maintenance.

FelpudoRent takes care of ALL


Eliminates static electricity.

Certification for hygiene and safety.

Prevents slippery floors and accidents.


Better image and welcome to customers.

Continuous washing and drying maintenance.

FelpudoRent takes care of ALL

Why outsource the cleaning service?


We will be happy to help you!


We have a sales team specialised in our product to analyse and help you in the proper selection of the type of mat to be used. Please do not hesitate to contact us to assist you and answer all your questions. We will visit you as soon as possible so that you can get to know all the solutions we have for you.

Head Office

Paseo de la Hispanidad, Nave 6A. 29130 Alhaurín de la Torre (Málaga)

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