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Alfombra antifatiga

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Alfombra ergonómica antifatiga


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Alfombra ergonómica antifatiga


Ergonomic matting: comfort and prevention of occupational hazards in various professional environments.

The anti-fatigue mat is a benefit for staff working in production, kitchen and customer service areas. The ergonomic mat, designed with high quality non-slip rubber, not only adds an aesthetic touch to spaces, but also brings with it a benefit: the prevention of fatigue and the reduction of possible pain and injuries to the back and leg joints. This makes its use particularly prominent in environments such as hotel receptions, factories and bars and restaurants, where as well as ensuring comfort, it plays a crucial role in preventing accidents and injuries associated with delicate surfaces such as glass.

Benefits of incorporating ergonomic anti-fatigue matting in your business

  • Reduction of fatigue: the most important feature of the anti-fatigue mat is its ability to significantly reduce the fatigue and discomfort that often arise after prolonged periods of standing. These mats feature an adaptable, cushioned surface that helps relieve pressure on the legs, feet and back, allowing workers to maintain an optimal level of comfort and alertness throughout their day.
  • Noticeable improvement in blood circulation: Static positioning for long periods of time can hamper blood circulation in the lower limbs, contributing to problems such as swelling and pain. This is where the ergonomic mat comes into play, promoting smooth and constant movement of the leg muscles, thus facilitating more effective blood circulation.
  • Significant relief of joint stress: The soft, cushioned texture of the anti-fatigue mat acts as a shock absorber for the joints, reducing stress on knees, hips and ankles. This effect not only prevents injuries, but in the long term also reduces the risk of joint problems linked to incorrect posture.

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Avoid accidents with glass bottles

Take the safety of your bar or restaurant to the next level with our ergonomic anti-fatigue mat! Not only does it take care of your employees’ comfort, but it also acts as a protective shield against falling glass bottles. Imagine the savings by preventing costly breakages. With our solution, you not only protect your employees from accidents, but you also protect your bottles, glasses, plates, etc. Invest in safety and savings today!


Alfombra antifatiga

Invest in the comfort and safety of your employees:

Chronic back pain at work is a serious problem, with 25% of sick leave in Spain related to this problem. An ergonomic anti-fatigue mat actively addresses this problem, promoting comfort and reducing fatigue and strain on the joints and back.

Promote safety and comfort in your business: Invest in anti-fatigue matting!

We make regular visits to replace anti-slip mats with clean and functional ones, ensuring a safe environment.

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