What is the best mat for
outdoor use?

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In this article we tell you which are the best outdoor mats.

The mat is the first thing guests see when they arrive at your venue. If you want to choose the best outdoor mat to keep your entrance clean, read on.

To choose the best outdoor mat you have to take into account several aspects, such as size, shape or materials. But it is also important the first impression of the people who are going to enter the establishment.

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Mat materials

As these are exterior mats, they need to be made of very resistant materialsIt is important that they combine scraping and absorption. 

We have made a selection of the best outdoor mats. 

  1. Micromix mat:

Exceeds these capabilities compared to any traditional mat. Its manufacturing and technology make the yarns remain high for a longer period of time during use. Once the mat is washed, they are raised again for better performance. It could be considered better for more humid places.

At FelpudoRent we manufacture the Micromix outdoor mats with 100% Econyl recycled material. It combines nylon and textile microfibers to increase the absorption of water, debris and dirt from shoes. It is perfect for places where there is a lot of incoming and outgoing traffic

     2. Supermat:

It is the solution to remove with great precision the dirt carried by the shoes. It is the most effective solution for places with high traffic of people but drier and with less precipitation. They are manufactured with double reinforced monofilament fibers to act individually and guarantee a greater cleanliness in the spaces. They are usually located in access spaces, stairways or receptions.

     3. Personalized mat with logo:

For exteriors, these are made-to-measure mats. They combine brand quality and cleanliness of the establishment. We have the possibility of creating any type of logo or welcome message… It is the best way to personalize the entrance and welcome customers.

85% of the dirt, dust and humidity that enters a building can be retained in the first meters of the entrance with the proper use of mats. The 3 types recommended for effective cleaning are:

Explicación tipos de felpudos

Mat measure

Preferably the mat should cover the largest possible area of the entrance. The larger the mat, the more steps people can take and the more absorption the mat will offer.

  • 85 x 75 cm 
  • 85 x 150 cm 
  • 115 x 200 cm 
  • 150 x 250 cm 
  • They can have a special size and we can manufacture it to measure.

Benefits of custom mats

  • Better image and cleanliness.
  • Certified professional mats.
  • Avoid accidents due to slippery floors.
  • Savings in the budget for cleaning and maintenance due to the renting service we offer at FelpudoRent. 

If you would like more information about the rental of customized outdoor mats, please contact us at marketing@felpudorent.es


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