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New ways of advertising with custom mats.

Felpudos Alfombras Promocionales

When you think of promoting a product, a service or you want to make your own business known, the first thing that comes to mind is to carry out an advertising campaign in traditional media, billboards, flyers and it is increasingly common to think of launching campaigns in digital media. These campaigns are very effective but can sometimes be too costly or too complex for some businesses.

From FelpudoRent we want to show you a new way of spreading a product or service through the use of mats for advertising campaigns, helping to convey a positive message regarding the brand, strengthening the presence of the same in the market, as this new form of communication will not only help you to make yourself known but will also keep your business clean, safe and consequently with a unique and personal image improvement, all in a simple and economical way. 

Today we live in a mobile-connected society, so most of the time the eyes of our potential customers are directed to the floor, where the mat will be ready to catch their attention.

Felpudos promocionales

Our integral mat rental service covers everything from customised design to installation and subsequent maintenance of the product, so that you don’t have to worry about the whole process and can dedicate yourself fully to your business. It is an affordable option thanks to the renting model, which means that the initial investment is zero and allows you to dispense with the need to buy cleaning material, as we take care of that, which means a considerable reduction in the cost of energy, water, labour, etc. 

Carrying out advertising campaigns with mats has a greater impact on the customer, as we currently spend most of our time looking down with our eyes fixed on the mobile phone screen, so the first thing we look at when entering a business is the floor, which means that finding a mat on which you can see what we want to promote has a great impact. This is as far as we would go if we only look at the entrance, but inside the business itself, placing customised doormats with advertising campaigns can also bring us benefits such as encouraging impulse sales if we place them at the foot of vending machines, shopping aisles or cash registers.

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