INTEGRAL SERVICE OF MANUFACTURE, MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING OF CARPETS. CARPET CLEANING. We guarantee an impeccable image for your business. With our regular cleaning service, you can choose between weekly, fortnightly or monthly frequencies to keep your carpets in top condition. Our team takes care of every detail, ensuring that your business spaces always look professional and welcoming. Trust us to keep your carpet cleaning up to date, while you focus on the success of your business.

How does FelpudoRent's carpet cleaning service work?

We have a group of professionals highly trained in the manufacture of custom carpets. We offer a personalised, quality service that is tailored to your unique needs. The mat is fully customised, our team works closely with you to ensure that each mat is unique and perfectly complements the space.

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Our regular maintenance service not only ensures that your made-to-measure carpets always look as good as new, but also prolongs their lifespan. With us, you enjoy peace of mind knowing that any problems with your carpets will be fixed at no extra cost once they are at our premises.

Our approach to maintenance not only improves the appearance of carpets, but also protects their quality and durability.

Our comprehensive regular maintenance service for bespoke carpets not only ensures that they look impeccable at all times, but also prolongs their lifespan.

Once we agree on a maintenance time, for example, once a month, we will come by the shop, pick up the dirty carpet and leave one exactly the same, but completely clean. This way, you don’t have to worry about anything, we do it for you!

Our aim is to offer you a personalised service that exceeds your expectations and provides you with the comfort you need.

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We transform spaces with our professional bespoke carpet cleaning, offering a complete service from manufacture to cleaning and regular quality checks.

Outsourcing the maintenance service to us ensures minimum worry, as we take care of collecting and replacing soiled carpets with clean ones.


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