Our comfort plus mat is the best solution as an anti-fatigue mat concept, specially designed for safety, comfort and protection in areas where people stand for prolonged periods, such as checkout desks, service counters, assembly lines or even behind cocktail bars. With 90% recycled content, its the latest generation cushion backing system. In addition to providing superior underfoot comfort and significantly improving the carpet’s wear performance, Comfort Plus also offers installation, ergonomic, acoustic, safety and environmental benefits.

It is manufactured from premium quality nitrile rubber, water resistant and resilient to impact, as it is designed with cushion and ergonomic properties, capable of reducing leg muscle fatigue up to 24%.

Employees standing all day in areas like checkout stations, service counters, assembly lines, or behind serving bars. The unique cushion ergonomics of these mats provides greater underfoot comfort, keeping employees motivated and full of energy.

Also resistant to oil and solvents, while acting as a noise reductant tool at work.

Our service in 3 steps



Choice of measures.

FelpudoRent assumes the manufacturing cost (Initial investment = 0). 


Washing and maintenance

We make sure that each mat enters the laundry on time and in the right condition.

We carry out a continuous quality control, removing and replacing each mat that does not meet the minimum conditions required.



Our logistics team replaces the dirty mats with clean ones according to each agreed frequency period. 

Changes can be made:

  • Every week
  • Every 2 weeks
  • Every 4 weeks

Sizes available

Start surprising your customers!


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