✅ Our green commitment  ✅

FelpudoRent is a company committed to the environment and that is why from our integral rental service we seek to support the circular economy, which is a model of production and consumption that involves sharing, renting, reusing, repairing, renewing and recycling existing materials and products as many times as possible to create added value. In this way, the life cycle of the mats is extended. Ultimately, our aim is to eliminate the current thinking of buying a mat and throwing it away after a short time of use because they are not professional mats and do not have a continuous maintenance.

The cleaning of the mats is carried out with specialised machinery and with the appropriate products that do not harm the environment in order to obtain the best results: that the carpet recovers all its splendour and functionality, reactivating the textile fibres that make this possible. 

Among our range of products, we have the Micromix mat which is made from 100% Econyl recycled material. This nylon comes from “ghost nets” (lost or abandoned fishing nets), ocean and landfill waste, industrial plastic, fabric remnants from the textile industry or old doormats.

Also from this year onwards, our logo mats will be produced from recycled plastic from water bottles (500 ml). The following table shows how many recycled bottles are used to make one mat per size:

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On the other hand, in our operations and laundry department we are increasingly optimising the resources used thanks to precise measurement in each process. Since 2020 we have been improving our logistics routes, storage management, water consumption, electricity and eliminating the use of plastic in our office.

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We only have one planet and it is our duty to take care of it, and we will continue to improve and promote new green and corporate social responsibility initiatives. ♻️ ✅