The cotton material we work with has a lifetime 40% times more than a conventional cotton mat. It is known for its high performance and water retention, even though at the same time it works retaining the dirt and grease, due to its cotton and polyester yarns. It is an elegant and formal looking mat, highly recommended for office buildings, hotels and restaurants.

Felpudo algodón alquiler renting limpieza

This cleaning mat retains 5 times its own weight of dirty water and grease. It absorbs dust particles and also works as a noise reduction material. Due to the superior performance of the yarn construction, the combination of cotton and microfibres offers a whole range of new advantages. The well known water absorption properties of cotton are improved, whilst microfibres retain dry dust to ensures superior dust control performance.

Cotton mats will bring budget savings into the businesses if they are placed correctly in the spaces.

Our service in 3 steps



Choice of measures.

FelpudoRent assumes the manufacturing cost (Initial investment = 0). 


Washing and maintenance

We make sure that each mat enters the laundry on time and in the right condition.

We carry out a continuous quality control, removing and replacing each mat that does not meet the minimum conditions required.



Our logistics team replaces the dirty mats with clean ones according to each agreed frequency period. 

Changes can be made:

  • Every week
  • Every 2 weeks
  • Every 4 weeks

Sizes available



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