Custom made mats

Which of these alternatives best suits your needs?

Grease collection mats

Material: Cotton

Environment: Damp

Recommended area: Corridors of canteens, offices, hotels and restaurants.

Felpudos a medida algodón


Water catchment mats

Material: Microfibre nylon

Environment: damp

Recommended area: corridors of canteens, offices, hotels and restaurants.

Felpudos a medida nylon


Dirt-collecting mats

Material: 100 % High-Twist Nylon

Environment: dry

Recommended area: Access areas, stairs or reception areas.

Felpudo para exterior


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In places where excellence is the norm, nylon custom mats are the bold statement that quality starts from the ground up.

In a world where every detail matters, nylon custom mats are the invisible shields that uphold safety and prestige. Visualise the prevention of slips, the safeguarding of interiors from dirt passing from room to room and the creation of an impeccable first impression. These mats are strategic investments that not only protect, but also enhance the value and impact of your spaces.


In the kitchen, details matter, and cotton mats are essential to keep the kitchen in top condition.

Cotton mats are highly grease absorbent and make all the difference. Imagine a place where every step counts and where safety and efficiency are crucial. These made-to-measure mats prevent dangerous slips and keep spaces hygienic.

They are smart investments that save costs and ensure a smooth workflow.

Felpudos a medida cocina
Felpudos a medida super mat

Dual cleaning solution that removes dirt with precision.

This high performance product is ideal for high traffic areas in dry areas. With double reinforced monofilament fibres for effective cleaning, these mats work to ensure your space is spotless. Strategically placed in entrances, stairwells or reception areas, they guarantee excellence.

Do you own a hotel, an office or a restaurant? Do you want to improve the safety and experience of your employees and customers on your premises?
  • Outstanding water and dirt absorption and retention: thanks to their combination of specialised materials, they achieve exceptional water absorption and effective dust and dirt retention.

  • Durability that impresses: we ensure that your threads stay up for longer, even under intensive use. This guarantees consistent performance over time, while still retaining dirt and water.

  • Renewal after maintenance: after a wash and dry cycle, the mat yarns return to their raised position, ready to face new challenges. This means functionality and appearance are maintained, ensuring your mat is always ready for action.

    Discover how this standard mat can elevate the presentation and cleanliness of your sliding doors, shop or retail space.

Felpudo a medida antideslizante

Sustainability and Performance: Made-to-measure matting with FelpudoRent

These standard cut-to-size mats are a tangible demonstration of our commitment to sustainability and exceptional performance. Made from 100% Econyl recycled material, this mat proves that cleanliness and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand.

  • The power of combining materials: by fusing nylon with textile microfibres, we have created a product that excels in water absorption and dust retention. Every step is a step towards a cleaner, safer environment.
  • A new standard in performance: Its durability and ability to hold threads higher for longer makes it a leader in cleaning control.
  • Innovation continues after washing: After being washed and dried, the threads return to their raised position, ready to deliver renewed performance. This ensures that your investment in cleanliness and presentation remains effective over time.


Elevate the cleanliness and aesthetics of your entrance. Our sustainable, high-performance solution is ready to make a difference to your business.

CONTACT US TODAY to explore how this mat can improve the impression and cleanliness of your commercial space.

Econyl Felpudos a medida

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