How a slippery floor affects your business


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Lately, rain has been an almost permanent part of our daily lives. In addition, these rains are accompanied by the famous haze, when mixed with water, results in an extremely slippery mixture that can endanger both employees and customers.

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Slips and falls are responsible for 20-30% of accidents resulting in prolonged work stoppage. Lost productivity is often an unfortunate side effect, with almost 30% of these falls resulting in 21 days of lost work.

The main causes of slips and trips are as follows:

  • Slippery surfaces caused by water or other liquids.
  • Slippery surfaces caused by dry and/or dusty products such as sawdust.
  • Uneven surfaces and changes in level, such as unmarked ramps. According to Royal Decree 486/1997 of 14 April 1997, which establishes the minimum safety conditions in work spaces, Annex I states that all ramps, stairs and work platforms must be made of non-slip materials or have anti-slip elements.
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When we are on a wet floor, the contact of our shoe with the surface causes a slippery film to be generated on the sole, causing a loss of traction, which is the cause of falls.

This can be solved by increasing traction on the floor with the use of anti-slip mats.

It is not only a wet surface that can cause slips and falls, but also dry and dusty floors, caused by sawdust, dry limescale or any other type of dust that accumulates debris on the surface. This debris is spread across the surface leaving miniature wheels which, when stepped on and between our sole and the solid surface, cause the loss of traction that causes slipping.

This can be remedied through the use of mats with large drainage holes, such as our ultraflow matting, which drains debris to keep the surface clean and clear.

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Slips and trips are not the only danger to our business, long working hours, repetitive work or long hours of standing are another risk factor that causes long-term absenteeism. If you want to know how to reduce these problems, you can read more in our post about anti-fatigue mats and their advantages.

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