Corporate Image, Advertising and Functionality

Custom mats are the perfect decision for combining brand quality with clean atmosphere. Creating a specific logo mat goes beyond imagination, as our manufacturing provider, Milliken, allows us to create high performance mats featuring beautiful patterns, photo-realistic images and logos. An ideal option for hotels, restaurants, retail stores, shopping centres and airports.

Our Colour Palette offers

150 standard colours to create even the most complex photo-realistic and logo designs as well as rich and saturated solid shades. In addition to our standard palette, our designers also have access to a bank of over 16 million colour possibilities.

Higher definition, clearer text and more realistic effects operating at 76 dots per inch allowing us to achieve greater clarity of design, finer text definition, shadowing, shading and 3D effects.

Supermarket and grocery store floors need to be kept clean and safe. Rubber backing offers superior stability on the floor and will help to protect against slip hazards. Innovative, colourful and photo-realistic designs offer branding opportunities that will allow retailers to enhance their environment and consumer experience.

Logo mats are manufactured with a nitrile rubber backing and reinforced rubber borders, this construction improves durability and increases resistance to damage during the laundry process. The nitrile rubber backing also offers an overall lighter weight construction and therefore a more sustainable option for easier handling. A 3mm rubber backing option is available, with or without borders. (Note: it is recommended adding 10cm to the width and length of the mat well measurement)

Our service in 3 steps



Choice of design (logo, colours, measurements and message). 

FelpudoRent assumes the manufacturing cost (initial investment = 0). 


Washing and maintenance

We make sure that each mat enters the laundry on time and in the right condition.

We carry out a continuous quality control, removing and replacing each mat that does not meet the minimum conditions required.



Our logistics team replaces the dirty mats with clean ones according to each agreed frequency period. 

Changes can be made:

  • Every week
  • Every 2 weeks
  • Every 4 weeks

Sizes available




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