Securing long-term business success with the CONTRACT CHANNEL

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The Contract Channel is the set of activities aimed at the design, manufacture, supply and installation of integral equipment for collective use constructions.

These are long-term agreements that are established between two companies. This allows companies to establish solid and sustainable business relationships, which can be beneficial for both parties. By using the contract channel, companies can establish terms that will allow them to negotiate favourable prices and terms for both companies.

2. Why is it important for companies to establish long-term business relationships?

Establishing long-term business relationships is critical to the success and sustainability of companies for a number of reasons:

Customer loyalty: Companies can build a strong base of loyal customers, which means recurring and predictable revenues for the company.
Cost savings: More favourable prices can be negotiated with suppliers and business partners over the long term, reducing production costs and improving profitability.
Quality improvement: By better understanding customers’ needs and expectations, the company can improve product quality and develop customised solutions that meet those specific needs.

  • Competitive advantage: This helps companies to maintain a strong position in the market and to face competition.
  • Innovation: Companies can collaborate with their customers to identify new opportunities in the market and develop innovative solutions.

3. Benefits for companies that can be gained by using this channel:

Financial stability: The use of the contract channel can provide a stable source of revenue for the company. By working with long-term customers the company can have clearer and more predictable financial visibility.
Long-term business relationships: Establishing strong and lasting relationships, which means that the company can take advantage of working collaboratively to improve the quality of products or services.
Access to new markets: for example, if a company is interested in a foreign market, it can establish contracts with local partners to help open the door to that market.
Greater control over the supply chain and can help reduce production costs and improve operational efficiency.

4. Common risks faced by employees:

Slips and falls, which can be prevented by keeping the floor clean and dry with professional mats, marking hazardous and slippery areas, wearing non-slip footwear and keeping equipment and objects in their proper place, out of the way.

  • Electrical accidents, which can be prevented by conducting regular inspections and maintenance, providing adequate employee training, marking or restricting hazardous areas, using quality equipment and using overload protection devices to prevent electric shock.
  • Ergonomic hazards can be prevented by providing employee training, proper equipment and tools, rest breaks and task rotation.
  • Chemical hazards are best avoided by providing adequate ventilation, proper storage and handling of products, adequate protective equipment and hazard training.

It is important to take preventive measures to reduce the risks faced by employees, not only to reduce the risk of injury, but also to help improve employee productivity and well-being.


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