Why is professional mat cleaning important?

We often hear that business owners clean their doormats themselves, shake them out, vacuum them, etc. The problem with this method of cleaning is that it does not remove even 20% of the dirt that accumulates on the mat, not to mention that it does not separate or reactivate the textile fibres (whether cotton or nylon) which is what causes the dirt to remain in the carpet.
Our washing process includes cleaning with the right products and temperature, and also drying, which removes all the dirt and particles that the carpets may have had and they look like the first day, which as we mentioned before is not only important for the appearance, but also for the good performance of its function, to retain dirt. If we look at many commercial establishments that have their own doormats, in most of them we will observe that the carpets have a “cement” appearance on the surface, with flattened fibres, which means that the dirt does not get between the fibres, but is deposited on the surface and is dragged into the interior of the establishment, causing an effect totally contrary to the desired one. 
We have specialised industrial machinery for this type of product that has very well differentiated the different characteristics of the mats, with which we achieve optimal results so that our customers always have a perfect mat at the entrances of their businesses.
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