5 reasons why logo mats can boost your business

In this article we will show you the 5 reasons to use a personalised doormat that will clear all your doubts.

boost your bussiness with entrance logo mats


The use of personalised mats for each business offers an extra decorative element to the business and it is also the first image that customers have of your business, so keeping it in good condition is key to making a good impression.

Maintaining a good image will ensure that once they cross the threshold of your business they leave with a positive impression, an impression that we can encourage with the use of personalised indoor mats.

If what a company is looking for is to improve its brand image, requesting a customised logo mat with the company logo is an option to take into account.

In this way, the brand image can be boosted, allowing the desired values to be transmitted and demonstrating that the company is a solid business, concerned about every detail.

As we mentioned before, this will be the first impression that customers will have of the company, so showing that they are entering a clean, well cared for place with a defined brand image confirms to them that they are in the right place.



The first need we seek to cover when we ask for a mat is to keep a space clean on rainy days, but with this we would only be getting to the surface.

Obviously, a personalised mat is of great help on rainy days, as it removes water or mud that we may have on our shoes, but it is not only of help on rainy days, it will also collect dust and dirt that we have on our shoes, as well as removing small stones that we may have stuck to our shoes and that may come off once we enter or damage the floor when we walk with them embedded in our shoes.

Felpudos personalizados


Although at first we do not take it into account, the use of logo mats can increase safety in the company and we explain why.

When coming from a wet place either due to rain or other factors a layer of liquid is generated on our shoes which increases the risk of slips and falls which can be reduced by using customised doormats and which also means that we enter with dry shoes and this will keep the interior completely dry and safe.

This is not only limited to the customers but having dry and clean floors also keeps the company’s staff who are in the business for hours at a time safe.

Felpudos personalizado


We have already seen some of the benefits of using personalised doormats in the company, but they do not only stop there, they also generate another collateral benefit to take into account, which is nothing more and nothing less than the economic and time savings for the business.

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