Why rent a mat instead of buying one?

Many years of working in the laundry and cleaning industry to be able to affirm the benefits of selecting a mat maintenance service instead of buying one. Buying a mat will never be the same as getting a cleaning service. We share those benefits for those who are thinking of buying or renting a mat for their business. 

ZERO initial investment

Buying one or several mats for your business can mean a significant monetary burden. Especially if it is a quality mat or carpet. Remember that poor quality mats not only fail to perform the true function of “retaining and absorbing” liquids and dirt that comes with shoes. “The more effective the mat is, the more it will require maintenance”. Think about how many times you will have to invest in a poor quality mat during a year of activity, especially when you are in busy roads from the street. 

Clean and pleasant floors

Presentation and the way in which a client is received must be a priority in a business. 91% of people choose to access a place because of its appearance, and a maintained and apparent mat reinforces that decision every time. In addition, the first few meters of an entrance will always be clean. Food, health, beauty and personal service establishments must always pay extreme attention to this detail. 

Delegating responsibility and attending to business

A mat or carpet should never be a burden to a business, but rather a help. That is why outsourcing the service and leaving it to an expert who takes care of delivery and collection, laundry and quality control, is always the best alternative. There are many more priorities to attend to when running a business. 

Static electricity and slippery floors

Accidents, falls and occupational hazards are usually frequent on the access roads to an establishment, and more so when it is raining, doubling the amount of dirt and water that enters. There are often problems with electrical contacts that could be distributed through the floor, a dangerous result for people. In 2010, 12 million people fell because of this. Having a good mat greatly reduces the risk and avoids labour insurance runs with their additional costs. 

Reduced maintenance and cleaning costs

According to a study published by the European Textile Service Association (ETSA), the correct use of mats or carpets reduces up to 14% of maintenance costs.

And finally, contributing to the environment and reducing product consumption is one of our ways of committing ourselves to the environment and our planet.  

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